The Resistance is a group of fighters, spread right across the world, but with one single, united goal - to save the world from the tyranny and oppression of Empress Morrigan. As such, many factions will often work together and share their agents in times of need. Some are formed of one race only, whilst others are mulit-racial and employ races (such as werewolves and vampires) who would normally consider each other as their enemies. However, with the looming threat of the Empress, they have agreed to put aside their differences and work together - for the time being at least. Some of the larger Factions are also split into smaller 'internal' factions to make their members easier to manage.

The Caerleon Brotherhood (Britain)Edit

Leader - Andrew Xavier
Internal Factions - 4
Internal Faction Leaders...
Ben-Chayil Ze'ev - Celtic Tigers
Rory Williams - Blues and Royals
Brian Dempsey - Lifeguards
Mac Tiernan - Highlanders

The Mercian Brotherhood (South Africa)Edit

Leader - Anders Du Plesis
Internal Factions - 0

The Medjai (Egypt)

Leader - Ardeth Bay
Internal Factions - 3
Internal Faction Leaders...
Armand Fehr - The Anubis Warriors
Patricia Namun - The Pharoah's Guard
Marcus Newman - Seti's Guard

Troika (South America)

Leader - Alehandro Mervella
Internal Factions - 0

Snowglobe (The Poles)

Leader - Jared Walker
Internal Factions - 2
Internal Faction Leaders...
Robert Gogh - November Team
Andrew Perry - Sierra Team

Pandora (Europe)

Leader - Lucy Grey
Internal Factions - 0

The Templars (Asia)

Leader - Henno Garvie
Internal Factions - 0

Ealdor (The Caribbean)

Leader - Tianna Dalma
Internal Factions - 0

The Alliance (USA)

Note: The Alliance is now deemed as the 'lost' faction, after the USA and Canada were all but wiped out by some terrible act of the Empress. Though Katherine and her fellow Alliance members tried several times to make contact with the outside world after the catastrophic events, after just one day, they vanished, and nobody has seen or heard from them since. Nobody even knows if any Alliance members still live. And if they do, why have they not made contact since the USA was lost?

Leader - Katherine O’Connell (MIA - Missing in Action)
Internal Factions - 4 (unlike the other World Factions, the Alliance kept their secret/ covert groups, such as the FBI, and reassigned them as factions instead, rather than creating new ones from scratch.)

Internal Faction Leaders ...
Colonel John Casey - NSA
General Diane Beckman - CIA
Agent William Simpson - FBI
Agent J - MIB

Known Faction Agents

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